2 Pit Bulls Attack & Kill Another Dog In Watauga

Two pit bull terriers are in quarantine after attacking and killing a neighbor’s dog in Watauga. The victims said that they have lost a member of their family.

The city has now classified the two animals as “dangerous dogs,” and if the owner wants them back, he will have to fulfill a long list of safety requirements. If he does not, the dogs may be euthanized.

The dog who was killed was named T-Bone. The Ponce family said that they have had the 7-year-old dog since he was a puppy. But on Tuesday, Kerry Ponce came home and looked out into her backyard. “Heard dogs barking, but I didn’t hear T-Bone barking,” she said. “So, I looked out the blinds and I saw him laying in the backyard. And at first I thought he was asleep.”

Then, Ponce opened the door. “You know, I opened the door and I said, ‘T-Bone,’ and that’s when I caught movements to the right side of me,” Ponce recalled. “And that’s when I saw the two male pit bulls that had blood all over them.”

Ponce closed the door and called 911. “I don’t know how they got back there, because our gate is locked,” she said during the call. “They killed my dog.”

James Everett lives across the street. He said that two of his pit bull terriers got out of his backyard after the cable installers left the gate open. “These are, all these dogs we have, are family dogs,” Everett explained. “And they’ve been around kids and family and all that. We don’t bring the dogs around other dogs, that’s not something we do. We keep them in the backyard and locked up.”

Everett’s third pit bull terrier was not involved in the attack. Both families agree that she is a gentle dog.

“I am furious,” Ponce said.

Everett wants to apologize to his neighbor. “I’m a dog lover,” he said. “We’ve got a family and I know they’ve got daughters. And I feel bad for them.”


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