Child Recovering After Pit Bull Attack

myfoxmemphis.comThe five-year-old boy who was attacked and dragged down the street by a pit bull is recovering, but still needs help to do everyday chores. Police shot and killed the dog after it jumped the fence and attacked him last Thursday afternoon.

Juan is an adorable five-year-old boy. His family moved from Guatemala to Memphis just a few years ago and is trying to make ends meet. So his attack has taken a toll on entire family.

Though he’s still recuperating, his mom believes it’s a miracle he’s alive.

Getting around isn’t easy these days for Juan. The exterior scars from his attack are clearly visible. Now he’s working on getting over the emotional ones.

“The dog, the dog it bit me and I fell down and now it hurts a lot,” he said through an interpreter.

His mother Eulalia is also recovering from an emotional week. She was at work, with no access to a phone, when the attack happened. She didn’t find out about it until later that night when she came home.

A friend who was watching her other kids said Juan and her husband were at the hospital. Though devastated, she knows it could have been so much worse.

“For me, it’s amazing nothing happened around his neck because he would have died,” she said. “If my son died, I’d die. I couldn’t live with that.”

Juan was saved by a neighbor who heard his screams. Juan said he was really scared but remembers everything that happened.

“She hit him,” he said. “The woman hit him. She hit the dog with the stick and then the dog died.”

The dog was shot by police. The owner wasn’t charged because she said the dog jumped the fence.

But now, wounded and stuck with medical bills they can’t afford, Eulalia said instead of a loose fence to protect people from the dogs they should have been chained up.

“It makes me cry to see what happened to him,” she said. “He can’t walk right now, but he’s getting better, walking a little bit.”

Though he won’t be walking to school again, he does hope to get back soon


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