Postal Worker Hero In Pit Bull Attack

A local postal carrier can be considered a hero after rescuing a man and his dog from a brutal pit bull attack.

“That day they came running out like two trains coming at me. They were coming full blast, came clear across the road and got me,” said 74-year-old Joseph Goulart. He was attacked while walking his dog Toby last week in the area of South H St. and Lacey St. in Bakersfield.

Thursday morning two pit bulls got out of a backyard and charged at Goulart. Melissa Kelly was delivering mail down the block when she heard screams from nearby. When Kelley got there, she put herself between the dog and Goulart and used her pepper spray to end the attack.

“I was in the right place at the right time. I feel anybody would have helped anybody in that situation,” Melissa Kelley, Postal Carrier.

Joseph Goulart, “I heard she was pepper spraying the dog real hard. I could barely see her when she was going behind, running them back into the gate. And being, I said everything just lit up all of a sudden. It wasn’t a bit good.”

Eyewitness News spoke with the owner of the dogs, who refused to appear on camera, but dismisses the incident as merely another dog attack. The dogs have been impounded. The owner says he can’t afford the $300 plus dollars to get the dogs out.


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