Woman Talks About Being Attacked By Pit Bull

wsmv.com NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A Nashville woman wants to make sure a pit pull doesn’t hurt anyone else after she was nearly killed by the dog last week.

She spoke exclusively with Channel 4 about the attack and her fight to make sure the animal is put down. “Just shocked, just numb,” said Lori Woods. “He locked onto my hand and wouldn’t let go.” Even with a crippled hand and deep wounds making it hard to sleep, Woods is finding some comfort being able to talk about her run-in with a pit bull. “The biggest thing that kept going through my head (is that) I would lay there and die.

My children, my friends, no one would know what happened to me,” said Woods. She was visiting a friend at the home of the dog’s owner when she kneeled down to grab her purse and was attacked. “He attacked me absolutely unprovoked, and without any warning,” said Woods.

The dog damaged Woods’ eye and her head injuries required more than 100 stitches. The bleeding was so severe that she passed out on the way to the hospital. “The blood was spewing out of my head. The dog nicked a main artery,” said Woods. Her family was told if she survived, she’d likely be blind in one eye. A week after the attack she credits lots of prayer for being able to see almost clearly.

Her worry now comes from the thought of the dog, now in quarantine at Metro Animal Control, being able to attack someone else. However, Tyler Stowers, the dog’s owner, wants his pet back. “I don’t care if this would have been a Yorkie (or) a poodle. Whatever did this to me should be put down. I can’t believe someone wants to keep their dog that did this to someone. What point do you value your dog more than somebody’s life?” said Woods.

Doctors have told Wood she will need reconstructive surgery to fix the injuries to her eye and hand.

Insurance will not pay her medical bills, but Stowers is offering to cover the costs. The case went to trial Wednesday afternoon, and Stowers apologized to Woods. Stowers said Woods got down on all fours and went toward the dog, causing the animal to go on the defense. The judge found the dog was vicious and ordered it to be put down, but Stowers is appealing.


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