Pit bull attacks Matteson woman

South Town Star
A simple trip to the mailbox turned scary for 30-year-old Dawn Mondo last week.

The Matteson resident, also 20-weeks pregnant, was on the sidewalk in the 3600 block of West 213th Place, when she heard an unfamiliar growling.

“I hear growling and snarling,” Mondo said.

“I look up and all of the sudden there’s a male pit bull across the street in an attack stance, growling and staring at me.”

Mondo said she dropped her papers, held up her hands, all the while not making eye contact with the dog, and started to walk backwards.

Then, the dog took chase.

“Before I knew it, I was knocked down pretty — hard,” Mondo said.

“Thankfully, I was not bit by this animal, but I was knocked down pretty hard and I put my hand over my face and that’s when the dog stopped.”

The pause in the action gave Mondo enough time to dial 911.

Yet the action continued for the mother of a 1-year-old son.

“I called 911 and stood as close to the house as I could,” Mondo said.

“Police came about three minutes after the call, and at that time the dog moved across the street.”

Mondo, a self-proclaimed dog lover, said the pit bull, still wearing the chain around its neck, belonged to a neighbor.

“The kicker is that their back yard is fenced in and in order to keep the dog outside, they have to also chain it to the ground,” Mondo said.

Police officials said the pit bull owner was ticketed for allowing a domestic animal to run at-large.

Matteson Sgt. Michael Black said he thought the loose pit bull was “a concern.”

“Anytime you have a dog you should be responsible,” Black said. “I’m an animal lover but I wouldn’t let my dogs run lose or my cats for that matter.”


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