Three Pit Bull Attacks In Three Days – Lubbock

A pair of pit bulls took the lives of ten goats Saturday morning in North Lubbock County. The goats were found by an employee of De’Ran Gear Inc. on North Quaker around 8:30 A.M. yesterday morning. An employee told sheriff deputies the dogs were feasting on the dead goats. The Sheriff’s Department later found two dogs matching the description of the attackers dead after they were hit by a car.

And with this, the third fatal pit bull attack since Thursday, the City and County of Lubbock could be joining forces for animal control. As it stands right now when there is an animal control problem in the county, it’s up to the Sheriff’s Deputies to handle the situation. But come summer, the deputies could have some back up from of the City of Lubbock’s Animal Services.

“What we’re looking at right now is an inter-local agreement between the city of Lubbock and Lubbock County,” said County Commissioner Patti Jones.

It’s an agreement that would provide Lubbock City Animal Services to Lubbock County residents.

“Statutorily the sheriff is the designated animal control officer in the county, we would just provide services to assist his officers,” said Director for Lubbock Animal Services, Kevin Overstreet.

Overstreet submitted a draft agreement to the county at the beginning of the year. The county is currently looking back into their records to see how much they’ve spent on animal control over the past few years. And if the amount the city would charge the county for animal control assistance is less than the county has spent, an agreement could be coming.

“We’re hoping we can give them an answer maybe within the month or two months at max,” said Commissioner Jones.

But in the meantime, with the recent rash of dog attacks on animals, what can a concerned citizen in the city or the county do if they have a pit bull or other dangerous dog at their home and they’re uncomfortable with the animal?

“If any citizen has an animal that they’re concerned about and they’re concerned about having their children around that particular animal, they can certainly bring them out to animal services whether they live in the city or the county,” said Overstreet.

In most cases the dog would be euthanized and for city residents that would be free. A county resident however would be charged fifty dollars to have the animal taken off their hands.

“If we had that inter-local agreement in place with the county, there wouldn’t be a fee at all,” Overstreet added.


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