20 People, Gunshot End Pit Bull Attack

Katherine Blake
FORT WORTH (CBS 11 News) ― A small dog was mauled by a pit bull in south Fort Worth. It took about 20 people and a gunshot to end the attack.

Baby, a four-year-old shitzu-yorkie mix, was on a leash on his porch Wednesday night when a pit bull ran up and attacked him.

“When he finally got him off his leash, pulling him, he was dragging him across the yard and just shaking him,” said Russel Cook.

The 52-year-old tried to fight the pit bull, but he’s disabled from a stroke and couldn’t do much.

“I had a hold of him by his neck and his butt,” said Cook.

The dog’s owners, Sue and Bob Thompson, heard Cook’s screams and came out to help.

“I went over there, and grabbed the pit bull’s jaws,” said Sue.

“She had two hammers, and I said, ‘Hand me one,” said Bob.

“I was hitting him in the head with a hammer, and Bob was too,” said Sue.

“It didn’t faze that dog one bit,” said Bob.

Then, about 20 neighbors and people passing by jumped in, using chairs, brooms and anything they could to get the pit bull to let go of Baby.

It didn’t end until a Fort Worth police officer pulled up.

“The police man shot the dog,” said Bob.

“If I had a gun, I’d killed him,” said Sue.

Baby may lose an eye, and the extent of his internal injuries still isn’t known.

“To see him hurt like that, it was just killing us,” said Sue.

As Baby tries to get back into his normal routine, his owners are hoping the pit bull owner is found and held accountable.


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