Pit Bull kills neighbor’s dog, injures neighbor

Updated: Feb 14, 2008 10:30 PM

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. – A family’s dog was mauled to death by a Pit Bull this afternoon in Manatee County. People in the neighborhood where it happened tell us the pit bull had been causing problems recently.

A lot of barking…showing signs of aggressive behavior…but everyone still shocked at what happened today.

“It happened so fast…you want it to be over,” said witness Dana Plecker. Plecker and his wife Sylvia were overcome with emotion after seeing a Pit Bull attack and kill their neighbor’s dog. “It was horrible. The dog bit him in half.”

Neighbors, obviously upset about what’s happened, say a woman was walking two big dogs on leashes: a Greyhound and a Pit Bull mix. “It’s a huge dog. Pit bulls are smaller. This dog looks like it could be a Weimaraner and Pit Bull mix,” says Sylvia Plecker.

At the same time, a 63-year-old retired man was walking his Maltese named Jack. Deputies say the Pit Bull and the Greyhound saw Jack and took off…the leashes coming out of the woman’s hands. “If you can’t control the dogs you’re walking, get someone who can. Two big dogs are a handful for anyone,” says Manatee County’s Captain Larry Leinhauser.

Investigators say the Pit Bull bit the man on the arm, but viciously attacked Jack. Plecker and her friend tried to grab the Pit Bull and stop it. “I just picked him up, and he twisted out of the chains…so he’s loose. We are both so lucky. I grabbed him by the throat to keep him off you.”

The women were able to get Jack away and run him inside, but Jack died in their arms.

And to make it even worse, neighbors say the Pit Bull’s owner, after seeing what her dogs had done, left…leaving the 63-year-old man bleeding and lying in the street.

When the victim came home from the hospital, his wife, Jack’s other owner, could hardly breathe she was so distraught. “I want those dogs put to sleep. I want them to feel what I’m feeling.”

Manatee County Animal Services say the Pit Bull and Greyhound will be taken into their custody. Authorities have not announced if the owners are facing any charges.


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