Pit bulls in attack quarantined


A pit bull, under investigation for recent aggression, is confined to a pen at the Manatee County Animal Services in Palmetto Friday. BRIAN BLANCO/bblanco@bradenton.com
A pit bull, under investigation for recent aggression, is confined to a pen at the Manatee County Animal Services in Palmetto Friday.

Two dogs that attacked a man and killed his pet Maltese in a Tara neighborhood are in the custody of Manatee County Animal Control.An 80-pound, pewter-colored pit bull and a 55-pound, brindle-and-white pit bull mix were taken from their owners and brought to the pound late Thursday night, said Kris Weiskopf, chief of animal services, on Friday.

The dogs will spend at least 10 days in quarantine, Weiskopf said.

Charles Boucher, 63, was walking his Maltese along Marsh Orchid Circle when the two dogs attacked, said Capt. Larry Leinhauser, spokesman for the Manatee County Emergency Communications Center, which dispatched an ambulance.

Boucher sustained a wound on the left forearm, according to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report.

“What I understand is that a woman was walking both pit bull dogs. She owns one of them and a male friend owns the other, and they were all leashed,” Weiskopf said.

Because Boucher was bitten, the dogs will have to be quarantined for rabies and other conditions, Weiskopf said.

“Any bite that breaks the skin, the animal is held for 10 days,” Weiskopf said.

If the two dogs are declared dangerous, they could be held longer.

“We have 30 days to conduct an investigation, and that is by state statute,” Weiskopf said.

The dogs could be destroyed if they are found dangerous, but last year, only two dogs were euthanized and those were repeat offenders, Weiskopf said.

The owners of the dogs that were involved in the attack could face penalties, including a fine of $200 for each dog running loose and a $500 fine for a dog causing injury, Weiskopf said.

There is no specific or additional fine related to the death of the pet dog, Weiskopf said


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