Pit Bull Owner Arrested In Attack On Ranger

SAN DIEGO — A 36-year-old man attacked a park ranger at Chollas Park in Oak Park on Monday afternoon over a disagreement about his dog, police told NBC 7/39.

Officers said the confrontation started at about 4 p.m., when the female ranger asked the man to put his pit bull on a leash.

“Certainly, a park ranger’s not going to let a pit bull go running around the park unleashed, so that’s where the confrontation started,” said San Diego police Lt. Mark Hanten. “She tried to get him to leash the dog. And he took exception to it.”

“He ended up throwing a rock at the park ranger, apparently according to park witnesses,” Hanten said. “Then she pepper sprayed him. And then after that he got in his car and drove at both the park ranger and another person at the park.”

“I was surprised, she didn’t back down from him,” a witness told NBC 7/39. “She just proceeded to hold her ground and try to do the right thing and keep everybody here safe and keep the dog on a leash.”

After the man drove toward the park ranger, he backed up and drove away to a nearby neighborhood where he lives, police said. Investigators said the man was apparently so upset that he punched a parked white truck with his fist. The truck’s owner called police.

“Somebody called police here, we put the description together and came and arrested him for the altercation over at Chollas,” Hanten said.

John Rodriguez was booked into jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.


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