911 Call fumbled on pitbull attack

MINNEAPOLIS — A woman was attacked by a pit bull in north Minneapolis Tuesday night, but it’s the way a 911 call was handled that has the neighborhood upset.

Laurie Hellerud was walking her dog when she saw the pit bull jump over a chain link fence and charge at her and her lab before changing direction and attacking another woman and her dog on the corner of Morgan Avenue “It was terrible — the noise,” Hellerud said. “Hearing three dogs in a fight, and then the lady yelling.”
Neighbor Sandy Stewart called 911 when she heard the attack.
“It was a pretty good sized pit bull and it was mean,” Stewart said. “It was tearing the other dogs pretty good.”
The pit bull was allegedly attacking the other dogs and an owner when Stewart called 911. She claims Minneapolis police passed her call on to animal control when she told them the dog was hurting both other dogs and people.

Witnesses estimate it took at least 20 minutes before animal control arrived. By that point, a good Samaritan helped stop the attack. Minneapolis police say they don’t have a record of the 911 call, since it was transferred. Departmental guidelines suggest if an animal attacks a person, police should respond, and, if a dog attacks a dog, animal control should respond. Animal control says the pit bull involved in the attack is on quarantine

The woman injured in the attack returned to work Tuesday night as a waitress.


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