Pitbull attacks 11 year old boy

An 11-year-old from Goose Creek is recovering after a pit bull rips open his arm. Austin Ramsey says he almost lost that arm to the dog, but his parents say it could have ended much worse.

The family says they’re worried such a vicious attack happened in their neighborhood.

Today he’s playing ball with friends, but just a few weeks ago Austin Ramsey says he got the scare for of his life after a dangerous dog encounter in the Goose Creek neighborhood, Greenview.

“There was a blood trail from where I was attacked, all the way down to my house,” said Austin Ramsey.

Austin says he and friend Travis chased Travis’ dog into a neighbor’s yard when they saw the pit bull.

“It didn’t really growl or anything. It just came toward him and bit his knee,” said Travis Sheheane.

Austin says he was shocked, frightened, terrified.

Austin says the pit bull was coming toward him until he was backed up against a wall. He says the dog then bit him on the knee, lunged toward his neck, but quickly he threw up his arm to protect himself.

“I put my arm up. I was thinking, what’s this dog going to do next,” said Austin.

“I didn’t know how bad it was. I didn’t want to look. I just saw a piece of his arm, and it was too much for me,” said Austin’s mother Kim Ramsey.

Austin’s mom rushed him to the ER, where he got ten stitches and a bandage on his wound.

“It was very scary. I might not have my child today,” said Kim.

Austin’s parents say the pit bull was in a yard with an electric fence. They say they haven’t heard from the dog’s owner.

“That’s what is so upsetting. The owner hasn’t even attempted to check on my son,” said Kim.

A son hoping for things to get back to normal soon. A neighborhood with kids, where a pit bull attacked.

The health department says they put the dog in quarantine for ten days for observation, but it has since been released to back to the owners.

The Ramseys say they aren’t sure if they’ll sue the dog’s owner.


9 Responses to “Pitbull attacks 11 year old boy”

  1. 1 tim- father of attack victim
    May 13, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    Ramseys, I feel a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach reading your account. My son at 5 yrs old was mauled by our neighbor’s nice Pitt devil. The dog was 1 yr old, never teased, treated well, with no other dog to have a ‘pack mentality’ with- in other words, none of the usual excuses for these devils.
    Please don’t miss an opportunity to help others. You NEED to file a claim with your neighbor’s homeowners’ insurance company. Not just for the medical expenses- those should without question be covered. But for damages, future suffering, etc. As with many things, if insurance companies pay out enough in damages, there may be more legislative action taken eventually. Or it will be too expensive to own them due to cost of homeowners ins. for their owners. Also a good outcome.
    We did not have to sue, but were very clear with their insurance adjuster that we were VERY ready and determined to if necessary. Many of our neighbors were ready to testify also, if it came to that. We had photos of my son’s bloody injuries, and of the stitching in the hospital.
    Anyway, the ins co. besides covering completely his medical, paid my son $25,000 and my daughter $5,00 (for witnessing the attack) without having to sue.
    I used to be in medicine and I can tell you INSURANCE co’s and LAWSUITS (or the threat of) control much of the medical profession. Of course that’s good AND bad. But in this case, USE IT to your advantage and that of every other potential victim of these canine “loaded guns”

  2. 2 Jessica
    May 17, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    I have a pittbull his name is joker.he is 1 year old and he is my kids best friend.some of these that i read a very frightning because i have a 4 and a 5 year old kids. but i would never let the dog with the childeren unsupervised any dog can attack for any reason.i my self was attacked by a siberan huskey when i was two i didnt like big dogs until i got joker he is my best friend and my childerens.i think that most of these are sad yes.but what about the other breeds of dogs that attack?believe me there are plenty to put a sign on the breed that says mean vicious killers is wrong. are you going to go to every ones house and deam every dog mean? cause any dog can snap at any time. not just pittbulls. no owner should let any dog loose at any time even in their own yards. you never know what happens. but to tell you the truth i have read more good about this breed then bad. and i will stick with my buddy joker cause i know he will with me.

  3. May 29, 2008 at 3:05 am

    I live in a big apartment complex with small 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments. It is a low income complex with most people on housing and section 8. But a small number of people pay to live here like me and my family. I was just attacked walking my dog about 20 minutes ago. My dog is a 6 lb. 3year old palm. But I love pittbulls. I have owned one myself. They are a great breed. I truely feel it is the owners to blame. My 10 month old son and 4 year old little girl were walking around the corner where I know a big black pit lives, and well I didn’t see him. So we started to go and low and behold the owners sliding back door was open just enough, and the beast came out hair up and growling. He charged me pushing a baby in a stroller! I had to pick up my dog and the stroller to keep them safe. I yelled to my little girl to back up behind me! Then I kicked that dog in his big head… I feel like crap! I love the bread, but the stupid owner.. I ended up having to call the police. The bread is not aloud in the city I live in with out proper insurance and bourding. I used to groom dogs so I made sure to make that dog run. I should not have been put in danger like that. That dog, I beleave, would have attacked my son. It’s just a crappy thing. I blame the owner not the dog. I hope the police hall her to jail, this is the second time the dog has charged me. I can’t even walk my own dog in our apartment complex because the owner wont keep the dog on a leash!

  4. 4 Autumn
    May 30, 2008 at 2:25 pm

    I am a mother of three and I can attest to fact that these dogs are not worth trusting in any case. Just last night my nephew was attacked by a pit that is only 1 or maybe 2 years old. My sister has had him since he was a pup and he has always protected the kids from other dogs. But last night my nephew and my son and my daughter were sitting on the couch watching tv and the dog jumped up on the couch and bit my nephew in the face countless times. My sister got the dog off of him and he got away again and went after my nephew again. This time biting him in his eye and scratching his chest up. My nephew will be ok but the dog was immediatly disposed of before he could attack anyone else.I do not believe that pits are the only dogs that can do this sort of thing. But I do know that for hundreds of years now that is what is being bred into them and that you can never be too careful. Not even with ones you have owned for years. Dogs have instincts in them that will never be taken out but when you breed a dog that has a bad temperment with another dog that has a bad temperment the end result can not be a friendly dog. And you don’t have to be a scientist to know that.We as humans are always trying to come up with new things that we ourselves can manipulate into what we want it to be. And then when things go wrong or bad we want to put the blame on whatever it is that we made. So I don’t blame the dog but I do place the blame on those who think they have a clue about genetics when it is so obvious that they are the ones that should not be allowed to be anywhere near science at all.The only reason this dog was put down was because we did not want to take the chance of it attacking anyone else. And it would have.We as humans have ruined these poor animals and should be ashamed of that fact and it is a fact!!

    July 3, 2008 at 3:39 am

    What is wrong with you people? Most people that have NO knowledge of dog behavior or how to raise a dog in a dominant healthy household, you will forever say “BSL”!! The articles that I have read have explained why the attacks happened you are just too blind and ignorant to see it. I am NOT backing up unresponsible owners and bad genetic breeding. What I am saying is you don’t allow your pit bulls on the couch unless the pack leader in the house is established, being you of course. Do not chase your dog into someone elses yard knowing that a pit bull’s territory is with in those bounds. Keep your own dog in your own yard. Pit bulls go for the throat because they were originally bred to bring down bulls by the throat! I applaud those who are not blaming the breed, but blaming the genetic breeding and the unresponsible owners. When pit bulls attack it can be uncontrolled bounderies within the household, dominance issues, bad genetics, territory issues, (my personal pit bulls will NOT let anyone in their fenced in yard)(HENCE THE FENCEED IN YARD) and just plan bad owners. It is unfortunate what happen to the children and adults that have had unforgettable bad experiences with pit bulls. But you can not judge them as a whole! You have to judge them individually. Any animal in a heightened excitment or stressful situation is going to bit the first thing that comes along. Yes I am aware everyone does not know how to read a dogs body language. And when dogs are not spayed and neutered they are more aggressive in situations like these. I read a website that said all the attacks from pit bulls where from intacted pits. What is so wrong with getting them spayed and neutered nothing. Both mine are. I am not asking you to learn. I am just asking you to educate yourselves. Everyone can grow with knowledge. And usually insurance companies will deny the claim because the owner did not reveal to the company that they owned an APBT. Which is one of there breed selections for there list of dogs that they usually will make you pay more for your claim or they drop you all together. And yes I am quite aware that pit bulls can be dog aggressive. Half the pit bulls born are taught to fight if not more, so where do you think those puppies are sold from the top fighting pit bulls? TO THE PUBLIC!!! And yet again we have unresponsible breeders that are not responsible for the rippling effect of the offspring that they produce. Well I personally am going to go snuggle up with my pit bulls in bed, yes bed because they KNOW who is the pack leader and would never hurt myself, my husband or my two daughters, NEVER! Every one is easy to point fingers at everyone else for the blame, perhapes you should look in the mirror and educate yourself a little and then maybe we won’t have bad owners, but classes educating people on these breeds and how to set boundries and leadership roles, they deem vicious before they opt to buy them and not spay or neuter. I agree bad owners have ruined the reputation of this couragous, faithful, beautiful, smart breed.

  6. July 18, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    Pits should be outlawed everywhere. I am an animal lover, always have been! I have 5 pets of mt own.
    I realize all dogs have their own temperment, but Pits are a walking time bomb, no one ever knows when or when they will blow, or who at! With that alone, they wshould not be kept as pets anywhere. I have no solution as to what to do with them, but something has to be done. And all you fools who own them and tend to disagree with me, when the time comes and yours goes off on you, or a loved one, hey you have been warned!
    Sincerely By one who knows

  7. 7 ariana
    July 21, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    well not all pitbulls are mean, the owner makes them that way and if i should u sholudn’t put the dog down to sleep. love pitbulls or leave them alone. the pitbulls i grew up with are not mean and they love kids. so i don’t agree with people. this goes to the pitbulls out there that can not talk for them self

  8. September 26, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    This is a situation where a dog was protecting their territory. My Spaniel would have done the same thing. Regardless of the breed, most dogs will protect their yard from people they do not know.
    Pitbulls are not naturally aggressive towards people.
    They are made that way by mean people.
    For every Pitbull that has attacked there are hundreds of thousands that never have and never will.
    Realize the media reports any and every Pitbull attack, singling them out. Which makes people THINK they are more dangerous. They are not.
    Actually, Pitbulls are very loving and crave affection from people.
    And a well raised family Pitbull loves children so much. They are wonderful family companions and all the stuff you hear about them turning on their family or owner… NOT TRUE!

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