An Observation

It was just too depressing, looking up all the pitbull attack news articles here.  There was news of a new attack every week, if not every day.   And those people defending pitbulls didn’t have an argument to stand on.  And, if you read the comments they leave, you can tell most of them have severe issues with controlling their own anger, and desire for violence.  And this seems about right, that people who have an unhealthy appetite for violence would prefer a violent prone dog, as a pet.   This is all the more reason the pets should be bred out of existence.   If all a person wants is a dog as a pet, there are hundreds of other safe breeds to choose from.  If they want to scare the neighbors, and compensate for feelings of inadequacy, then they should, by all means, get a pit.


13 Responses to “An Observation”

  1. 1 dogsbite
    May 18, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    Pit bull owners are fully aware of the collateral damage they inflict upon society. If they were unaware, they would not consistently flee after an attack, hide their dogs, lie and blame victims (and anyone else they can) for the explosive, damaging behavior of their dogs. These dog owners and their dogs are destroying families, communities and mankind’s billion-year-old relationship to dogs. Policymakers that believe the issue with “pit bulls” is about “responsibility” could not be further off the mark. The issue is about a subculture of people that do not deserve to fall under the title of being “American.”

    These people understand exactly what they can “get away with” by having a dangerous dog. There are no laws (in most places) to prevent them from doing so. They also know that after their dog attacks someone, they will not be held liable from a criminal or civil standpoint. After Charles Smallwood’s dogs viciously killed Jennifer Lowe in his home he was scott-free. His dogs had previously been deemed “dangerous” and animal control had visited his house umpteen times. He told reporters “I’m crushed. I never want to own another dog for the rest of my life.” Smallwood has since picked up new pit bulls, and the cycle goes on and on and on. There are no “collective” dog bite penalties (tracking dog bites to the person instead of the dog):

    The pit bull problem isn’t about property rights. The argument isn’t about animal advocacy or breed discrimination either. The issue is about individuals taking advantage of arcane dog laws and basically, as in the case of Smallwood, getting away with murder. The issue is also about money. The US Petcare Industry is a $40 Billion a year business which opposes any legislation to regulate the breeding or imposing liability for owning dangerous dogs.

    Please keep blogging about this topic HomelessGuy. Children, senior citizens, families and communities need your voice. We understand at DogsBite.org that this mission at times feels thankless. But you and your words are making a huge difference, whether individuals are directly giving you praise or not.

    You have our full praise.

  2. 2 michelle c
    May 25, 2008 at 5:54 pm

    Here is a little letter i worte. I would like to share it with you and maybe change your mind just a little bit…

    Hello, my name is Michelle. I am a 27 year old and proud ower of a 10 month old pitbull. These dogs are wonderful to be around. Unfortunatly they fall into the wrong hands (Michael Vick). People train them to be fighters. Pitbulls are actual rank out of 122 breeds #4 in temperment tests with a 95% passing rate. Pitbulls are affectionate, intelligent and highly trainable. It is true that they have other dog aggression, but the same is true for all terrior breeds (boston terrior, rat terrior, etc…). It is all about socializing them. My Sheba goes to the dog park and kisses everydog she meets. Any dog has a potential to attack humans but we only ever hear about pitbulls. A chiwawa attacked me the othe day… where were the news crews??? Cocker spanials are mean little dogs- one actually bit my best friends lip off when she was little. Why is it just pits that are hated on? Did people forget about STUBBY? He was America’s first war dog and he was a pitbull. He won lots of metals in WW1 and we thank him by trying to get rid of them. Helen Kellers loyal compainion was a pitbull. Then there was WHEELA. She save over 100 people, dogs, cats, and horses from a flood in southern California. BOGART saved a child from drowing in the pool and then there was DIXIE who saved 3 kids from a cotton mouth snake. WHERE WERE THE NEWS CREWS??? Bannig one particular breed is like being racist. ALL DOGS HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO CAUSE HARM! It is the media hype that have gotten these dogs such a bad name. Take away the bad people who want to make mean dogs!!!

  3. 3 Rachell Warmuskerken
    June 22, 2008 at 12:42 am

    I looked at your web site. I understand that you are not encouraging people to hate dogs, although, I have to admit that after getting bit by a dog that is a family pet and is usually extremely friendly, one tends to get a little paranoid.

    On January 9th, I visited my dad’s house to ask him a few questions. He wanted me and my 2 year old son to move in with him to help us out with the money situation. He wasn’t home, but his pit bull, Brenner, was. Brenner has always been nice to us so we went inside the gate. James and Brenner played for a while while I waited for my dad to come home. I sat in one of the lawn chairs because I was seven months pregnant. After a few minutes, I got tired of waiting and told James that it was time to go home. He didn’t want to go so I picked him up. That’s when he started whinning and Brenner attacked my foot. At the time I thought he was just being a stupid dog and I wasn’t freaking out. I was wearing my shoes so I didn’t initally feel any pain. When he pulled my foot out from underneath me and caused me to drop James, I realized that this was a little more serious than I thought. I pried him mouth off my foot three times before I ripped off my shoe and threw it. When I did that, he went after James. I didn’t care what condition my foot was in, I was gonna save my son. He only managed to rip off his sock before I grabbed him by the collar and started yelling at him to calm down. At the same time I was yelling for someone to help me. After about five cars drove past me staring, a neighbor came out and called 911. I still didn’t think my foot was in bad shape. I saw blood on my sock, but I didn’t see the holes the dog put in my foot. I was taken to the ER and they treated my foot. Since I was wearing a shoe, the injuries weren’t bad and I didn’t need stitches. I was out of work for a few weeks, but that was the extent of it.

    I still decided to move in with my dad. On Febuary 11th, my son was outside with my step brother. My step brother came inside and I didn’t know it. James was outside without shoes on. The dogs were also outside while my dad was fixing my truck. James walked around to the backyard and stepped in an ant pile. I heard him crying and ran outside without my shoes on to see what was going on. I got to James just when Brenner did. Brenner attacked the same foot. This time, it was bad. I saw him rip skin off of my foot and didn’t look at it again. I just knew that I had to get him off me. I was screaming for my dad to help and him and my step brother had to pull Brenner off me. I sat in the yard while my dad put Brenner in his bedroom. As soon as my dad got the dog off me, I turned around and got all the ants off my son. He sat with me and cried with me while Dad was taking care of Brenner. He came back outside to give me a towel to wrap around my foot. That’s when I saw the flap of meat hanging off my foot. I asked him if he had called 911 yet. I guess with all the action, he had forgotten. The EMT’s took me to the hospital where they told me I had to have surgery on my foot to cut away skin that couldn’t have been saved, pretty much reconstructive surgery. I was in the hospital for three days on morphine, eight months pregnant. They let me go home on the thrid day. About two weeks after the incident, I got fifty stiches taken out of my foot. Being pregnant, my immune system was working more for the baby than for me and it didn’t start healing until I had my baby on March 23rd, Easter. I layed in bed for a month because I couldn’t stand up for more than a few minutes. If I did, my foot would swell so much that my toes wouldn’t touch the floor.

    My baby is now two days shy of three months old and 15lbs. He is healthy. I on the other hand, still have flashbacks and nightmares. I still limp and my foot hurts more and more everyday. I don’t trust dogs. I don’t trust animals. I’m going to raise my children to fear them. Animals have teeth and the potential to bite. Never will I own a dog.

  4. June 23, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    Hello All,
    First of all, I want to address this story regarding two attacks on a woman with her baby. When you simply read this story it seems like two unprovoked unexplainable horrible attacks by a family dog. But when you delve deeply into the facts of this situation it becomes somewhat apparent why things transpired the way they did based on the most elementary forms of logic combined with the most slight understanding of dog psychology and sociology.

    Number 1, does anyone know why this dog would inexplicably attack her on two different occassions? You must look at the similarities involved. Both occurances happened when the baby was distressed and crying.

    -Dogs often instantly bond with children causing an inate lifelong bond. They also tend to view them as part of thier “pack” which means that they are looked after as if they were thier own.

    It is my contention that this dog, with his limited ability to comprehend what was going on, viewed the child’s mother as an aggressor both times. The baby was distressed on both occassions and in extreme pain the second time which also may explain the significant difference in the severity of the second attack vs the first. He was trying to protect the baby from you.

    I further believe that the dog was not “attacking” the baby in the first incident. He was most likely trying to pull the baby from you. Dogs do not have hands so they must use thier mouths for everything. You also make no reference to any injuries sustained by the baby as the dog tugged on him.

    I am the proud owner of a wonderful pit bull who has been socialized properly and trained extensively. She is a joy to be around for everyone but I would never leave her alone with a small child. I am willing to bet that she wouldnt do anything to hurt a child and I believe I could expect a positive outcome 100% of the time. However, due to a dogs inability to properly reason and judge things accurately you must understand that there is a margin of error that has to be anticipated. I cringe when I hear dog owners insist that they know how thier dog will react in different scenarios. It is not a risk I am willing to take as a responsible owner of any dog (even a chihuahua) let alone one that has the ability to inflict damage the way any large strong dog can. The fact that your brother would leave your two year old son alone outside is ridiculous (with or without a large pitbull in the yard).

    This continual themed lack of understanding and absent mindedness throughout your story leads to my next point. This dogs training has been neglected or misshandled.

    In the family dynamic it is absolutely necessary that there is a clear hierarchy for all large dogs. They must be on the bottom of the totem pole at all times. Every family member must be recognized as outranking the dog. I guarantee that the same scenario would never have happened to your dad or your brother if they had attempted to save your son from the ant pile. The dog viewed her as an equal or even a subordinate. This is one of the many issues that many large dog owners are often ill equipped to deal with.


  5. June 29, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    Dear Homeless Guy…I am an owner of a 5 year old pit bull mix named Jessie. Jessie is a therapy dog and visits people of all ages in the hospital as well as doing the reading program at the libraries where she is surrounded by children for hours at a time. She is also one of 4 therapy pit-type dogs in our small area that do this type of work. I am not here to rant and rave, because I feel this does not help things…are you listening pit bull fanciers…getting irrate does NOT send a good message to the public, it only fuels the fire.
    That being said, I do feel that the wrong people do tend to be drawn to this breed, but here is my answer…If stupid people get pit bulls, or any other breed of dog, thinking they are immune to blame, then if everyone in the world who opposes pit bull ownership could redirect their energy and focus more on changing laws so that the owners suffer, regardless of breed owned, I think you’d see a more a change with those owning dogs for the wrong reason. I don’t want people to say that it was the pit bull’s vicious nature, and that the owners are innocent…I want to see these people in jail for what they have caused their dogs to do!! If this were the case EVERYWHERE we’d see people being alot more carefull. Those pit bull owners who get irrate are usually the people who buy a well bred dog, spay/nueter them, and spend alot of time trainging and socializing their dogs to be respected members of society and still may lose them.
    Again…pit bull fanciers/lovers/advocates listen carefully….your dogs need to be well socialized, well trained, and SPAYED/NUETERED…if you can not do this for your dog, you DO NOT need to own a dog, not just a pit bull, but ANY dog, becuase you are not offering everything you can for your dog…ALL PIT BULLS SHOULD BE RAISED TO BE BREED AMBASSADORS!!! If you have several intact dogs chained up in your back yard….I BLAME YOU for everything the general public believes, and I will continue to blame you until things change!!
    To those who fear pit bulls and believe the hype, I make one request. Go out in your community and meet a few pit bulls. They are wonderful and loving dogs, and if you take even a short amount of time to meet some, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

  6. 6 Aescleah
    June 30, 2008 at 2:48 am

    i know this is a hot subject but dont you think that steriotyping all pit bulls and every person who owns them is a bit harsh. its like saying all white people are nothing more then a bunch of dumb white crackers and in general its not very nice and most importantly not true this can be said for any race and minority. what is so wrong about cracking down on the people who are irresponsible for there dogs actions instead of the breed. personally i think its a bit silly to ban a bred. not everyone wants a cookie cutter lap dog if someone can not control the bred they have they should not have that breed and there are many who can but some of these dogs are not for everyone. lap dogs can be dog agressive too and having a dog that does less damage should not negate ones resposibility that should be first. its like saying we can continue not being resposible if we have smaller dogs or a certain type of dog and continue to be oblivous but its ok cause no one can be hurt.
    i also want to say i have worked for a vet and the first serious dog bite was from a black lab he bite me in the throat. any dog can be dangerous but on the flip side any breed can save your life and be your best friend. pit bulls are terriers they are people dogs in most cases they don’t like other dogs or other animals that does not mean they hate everything they are just large terriers and act accordingly. this is america for cats sake though we all need to be accountable for our actions freedom of choice is what this country is all about. do you really want the goverment to step in and tell you how to live your life. and another thing just cause the media tells you something does not mean its completly accurate they are about ratings i have seen more then a few times they did not know the facts but made it up as they went along. case and point there was a supposed rotwieler attack awhile back it reported how this rottwieler was eating the owners face off while on a walk, and the dog was put down. it was later found out the man had a coronary and died almost instantly and the dog was just licking his face. the who what where and whys are not always immeditly apparent and qite often the press never retracts false statments. what attracts more viewers vicous dog attacks owner for no reason or man had a heart attack and they dog licks his face while he dies news at 6.

    personally i think everyone needs to be safe as possible from animals and our laws need to protect us more then not animal control is unerstaffed and have few funds to cope whose fault is that not the pit bulls. i think there is room to be fair to everyone i dont own a pit but i have worked with them and do love them. they are worth getting to know at least the good ones like all breeds they are not all good they are just not all bad either. they are animals they look to there owners as there guides. BSL is is nothing more then a bandaid on a much bigger problem a quick fix that the politicians are trying to make them look like they are doing something. i would also like to say BSL is backed by peta and there ilk they are in my opinion more dangerous then pit bulls at the very least read both sides of the arguement its a fasinating read.


  7. 7 Aj
    July 6, 2008 at 1:23 am

    Hi I just read this story and i first wanna say that im sorry to hear that. 2nd I just want the reader to be aware of what they are reading. I am a proud owner of kippy a pitbull and before i got him i did my research pitbuuls are very good dogs with human especially kids. They are dogs that protect not harm and if you notice the story both times that the pitbull attacked the boy was crying and yelling. When a pitbull see’s that they automatically think that the person crying especially a child is in danger unfortunately when the mother picked the boy up the dog thought she was the attacker so he went in to protect the boy and as for going for the boys leg what i think is that the dog was trying to pull him to safety. Thats my input on this story and i hope that my words haven’t offended anyone.

  8. 8 chuey
    July 17, 2008 at 4:35 am

    I think that most of the ignorance in society towards pits come from the media. As one poster above stated, you ONLY hear about attacks when it’s a pitbull, NEVER when it’s a dalmation, golden retriever, ect.., when there are many, many more attacks by these “perfect family dogs” per year, every year, not to mention many other “lovable breeds”

    the fact it that pits are less likely than pretty much any other breed to attack humans, since they were breed to be a family dog, and loyal above all else to humans. That the reason the are, and have been for decades, called the “nanny dog”.

    I delivered for a company for 3 years, and most homes i went to had dogs. Quite a few had pitbulls, and alot had smaler dogs, or labs, retreivers, ect.. The only times I ever felt uneasy was around the dogs that were not pits. They were the only one that ever tried to attack me. Small dogs seem to be the worst. They tend to have what I like to call “little man syndrome”.lol You’ll never here about the tiny little housepet that bit a baby to the bone, or the pitbull that protected a child/family of strangers, without even using violence. Why, well that’s simple. IT DOESN”T BRING IT THE RATINGS.

    I often think of it like Marijuana prohibiton. While it’s a nature made drug that has been proven to not be addictive, has valid medical uses, is impossible to overdose on, and has less causes of death than tobacco, or alcohol among other things, it’s remains illegal because A:the government can’t make $$$ by taxing it, B: People seen stories that were made up and bogus on a regular basis, and it is now burned into their brains.

    I’m not saying that everyone should go get a pitbull, and grow a feild of pot.lol Just saying that once the american public has been GROSSLY MISINFORMED about something for a long enough period, it’s hard to change their minds, and impossible for some.

    My parents were against me getting a pitbull. I got one, and he lived with them for a month or so while I got my new house ready. By the time it was good to move in, they loved the dog. The were again against me getting the 2nd pit, since they were both males, and of course they too had heard all of the false facts. They are now convinced that I got 2 small children rather than 2 “media hyped killing machines”

    My neighbor came over as well (was my sons pre-shool teacher) and made it clear that she did not like pitbulls. I asked her why, and she said that they’re vicious dogs bred to kill. I asked why she felt that way, and she said it was all the articles, and news coverage that is out there saying so. She’s been near them only a handfull of times now, and always asks me “how those precious puppies are doing) mind you my dogs are 55-60lbs at this point.

    Someone tried to steal them last weekend, the dogs got away,(without being vicious to these complete stragers, taking them from their home) and were running around my yard. The people across the steet called animal control stating that 2 vicious pitbulls were loose (even the ac officer told me that my dogs didn’t have an aggressive bone in their bodies) my neighbor asked ac if she could just keep the dogs till I got home, saying that she had no problem handling them while i was gone. This is the same woman who only a few months ago hated pits because they were all monsters.

    Since this is getting too long, I’ll close by saying that people should question what they see on t.v., and read in the papers, and seek out the true facts, or at least the rest of the picture. Remember, it’s all about ratings, ratings, ratings.

  9. 10 Pondering
    July 27, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    Well , as I read all of the articles it saddens me a bit to know that people are so stuck in their ways to see that its not the breed. Any dog can be bred with horrible genes which can make the temper worse , inbreeding plays a huge role in this. Don’t blame the breed of dog blame the back yard inbreeders who think its a great money making idea to keep breeding “pits” in their backyards from the same family. I have four Staffordshire Terriers “Pit Bulls”, all dogs have the capacity to bite at least once in thier life.
    Just like children have hit their parents. If a dog gets annoyed no matter what breed it will bite thats the only way they can let you know they are annoyed. My dogs are great with my childrenand thier chihuahua they push her around but have never used teeth to move her thats when the problem starts. I was attacked once by a Mastiff , I was in the front yard of my home there was no way that the owner was going to pull him off of me being how she was a small one hundred pound girl. My dogs who were sleeping in the garage reacted to the noise and came runnning out ,if it wouldn’t have been for them I would prob not be here today . I will always tell my children that animals are great because thats the sensible thing to do, but let them know not to touch any dog or get near any dog that we dont know well. I respect opinions regarding the so called “pit bull breed” but to ban a breed is senseless, why dont they just run checks on people who have them , my dogs have never gotten out or ran away , im not saying they wont ever do it cause any dog can. What I am saying is that it takes a larger amount of respondsibility to own any medium to large breed dog .By the way ” Pitbulls ” only do about 12% of the dog attacks, do some research before you believe what the media tells you. Im sorry that your dog attacked you , it does happen sometimes they are by the way ANIMALS,(key word being Animals) most people tend to forget that and act as if there is nothing that can go wrong around dogs.

  10. 11 DreamingBoo
    September 6, 2008 at 12:50 am

    Omg, this is preventable ppl! Dont blame the dog! Blame the dogs owner! My mom works at a animal hospitel and i have met soo many pitbulls! 9 out of 10 of them are nice sweet and caring! so dont blame da dog!

  11. 12 Pitbull Fanatic
    September 19, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    Hey do you know how many of these dogs you read about are pure bred? I didn’t think so. Pure bred dogs test higher in the temperment test than most other dogs. You can google dog temperment test to take a look. Any dog that attacks a human, and carries any type of terrier features, gets labled as a pitbull. Pitbulls are bred to fight other dogs. I don’t know if you have ever witnessed a dog fight (I am totally against fighting dogs but I have seen a few extremely sad videos), but the owners are right there with the dogs throughout the entire fight. I don’t mean in the general area either, I mean they are right behind their dogs. They are bred for dog to dog aggression, not dog to human. I will say this, any responsible pitbull owner will put a dog down that shows human aggression. Although most breeders are working to breed out the dog to dog aggression, it has been bred into them for over 100 years. Needless to say, it is going to take a while before we can breed it back out of them. Now, seeing as these “pitbull” attacks never require bloodwork done on the dog, more than likely a very small percentage of the attacks are actually purebred pitbulls. It is a mix of some other dog and a pitbull. Pitbulls have certain genetic characteristics as do all other dogs. Sometimes when you mix breeds it can create a very dangerous genetic cocktail. However, since the dogs carry some of the physical traits of a American Pitbull Terrier, that is what they are labled as soon as they attack someone. Have you read up on how great pitbull terriers are with disabled people. People with mental and physical illnesses. What about the pitbulls that bravely searched for bombs, enemies, and wounded Allied Forces soldeirs in the trenches during the first two world wars. These dogs are brave, loyal, and they make wonderful companions. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the chance to own two of these wonderful creatures throughout my lifetime and will hopefully continue to legally be allowed to love and own a pitbull for the rest of my life. Please respond with any arguments, or claims of false statements please let me know. Until then, please quit feeding into this Breed Specific Legislation that will punish responsible dog owners and their loving dogs. I am very interested to see what research you come back at me with.

    November 27, 2008 at 5:31 am

    People should really educate themselves before pointing fingers and blaming the innocent. Yes, there are ignorant, irresponsible dog owners out there with pitbulls. These are the ones whose dogs are attacking because they are trained to. Pitbulls are very loyal and smart. As for the person who left the idiotic comment that people who own pitbulls have anger issues and a love for violence, you are just stupid. I am a married mother of 2 sons and a nurse who takes care of the elderly on a daily basis. I am also a PROUD, RESPONSIBLE owner of 2 beautiful, wonderful, loyal, tame and friendly pitbulls. I don’t have a violent bone in my body and neither do my pitbulls. If you dig a little deeper into every pitbull attack case, as I have, you’ll find they were ALL abused in some form. Most were starved, beaten, left in crates for several days and in some cases months. Education is key.

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